Moorland private school(摩尔兰私立学校)

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Founded around 80 years ago, Moorland is a thriving co-educational day and boarding school located in the historic town of Clitheroe within the picturesque Ribble Valley. She has an outstandingly beautiful site with more than 15 acres of grounds that are utilized for many activities and provide a serene learning environment.



Moorland School offers seamless education from birth, right through to GCSE and A level studies. With a long history of succeeding at the highest level, Moorland School achieves these standards by valuing every individual and ensuring that their potential is maximized.

摩尔兰学校提供了无缝衔接的精英式教育,教学阶段从孩子出生,到中学乃至高中。 长久以来,摩尔兰取得了最高级别的优异成绩,她通过重视每一个学生个体确保最大化的开发孩子们的潜力来达到教学标准的最高等级。



Moorland school has so many characteristics, among them football and ballet are the most famous parts. Manchester City Football Club has a football development center in the school, and this center sent two outstanding players to this club last year. Ballet has also produced excellent professional dancers to all over the world.




Moorland International Ballet Academy offers expert tuition in a nurturing environment with a range of courses to meet individual needs. Pupils will receive teaching from an experienced faculty with a wealth of knowledge, having been professional Principal Dancers themselves.Moorland elite football academy is the only true and proven football boarding school in Europe.

Charlie Jackson, Moorland’s Head Coach, is not only UEFA and FA approved but he has also worked as Manchester United Youth Coach and is currently a Youth Development Coach for Manchester City. Moorland School is immensely proud to be able to promote years of consistent success at the highest levels of professional football.


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